Welcome to Sattva Shala!

Yoga sparks a light in my body, mind, heart and soul... a stunning union. I trust in the true potential of the yoga practice to awaken and tone my physical body, challenging me to explore new levels of mobility and flexibility while inviting a sense of ease and peace.

As your guide, I will assist you in your physical practice on the mat, using cues to help you discover your personal edge and achieve precise alignment in each asana. Integrating breath and movement, you will learn to move gracefully through your practice, staying open and curious while discovering peace and calm.

Please contact me so that I can help you find the yoga discipline that suits your physical and emotional needs.
I offer private and semi-private instruction, as well as Zoom classes.
Yoga Beyond the Mat
Invite stillness​

Calm heart, quiet mind.

Find your Edge​

Find the wall of resistance, but do not go beyond.


The fellowship of pursuing common goals.

Movement with Breath

Observe the rise and fall of your breath.

Practice online at Sattva Shala

Join me in my virtual studio to practice in the comfort of your own home.