Ashtanga Yoga

A highly structured intense flow style of yoga

Ashtanga Yoga was founded by Sri Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. A set series of poses is performed, always in the same order. Breath is the foundation of the Ashtanga practice and is the integrating link between the body and the mind so that the practice becomes a moving meditation. 

The breath naturally initiates movement and also gives a shape and direction to it. The Ashtanga practice utilizes Ujjayi breathing, often called victorious or ocean breath, and Vinyasa, to stay conscious and connected to each breath and movement. Ujjayi gives an audio component to the breath, while Vinyasa provides a choreography to the practice. 

After moving through a fluid transition or vinyasa, students arrive in the state of asana and hold the pose for a five count breath.